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Irrespective of whether you have purchased your property via us at or not we can offer Property Management Services. If you are not in the country for extended periods of time you can relax in the knowledge that your property will be looked after whilst you are away; we can deal with any situation that may arise as have direct access to qualified, trustworthy tradesmen and cleaning facilities etc. If you wish to have any additional services, for example where we ‘meet and greet’ your clients, clean and turn around properties for your holiday rentals then we are happy to discuss further.

Our Property Management Services monthly charge of €50 per month for Apartments and €70 per month for Villas include the following services.

  • Key Holding
  • Inspection of the property on a weekly basis, both inside and outside areas
  • Report on any damages
  • Ensure water is checked and drains in order, flushing of toilets, run taps etc.
  • Check electricity, gas and electrical appliances
  • Check alarms, security lightings are in order and windows secure
  • Check for vermin etc. and if required arrange for pest controls to be in place
  • Check for mail
  • Communicate with you on all matters
  • Any other items that will make you at ease

Additional Services

  • Meet and greets
  • Turnaround of property between guests
  • Ensure the property is cleaned, laundry changed, welcome packs arranged, financial transactions overseen, customer issues dealt with promptly during their stay
  • General maintenance of property
  • Internal and garden work undertaken
  • Security systems installed/maintained
  • TV and internet installation
  • General building and refurbishment work project managed
  • Assistance with obtaining an NIE number
  • Car purchase & registration/taxes

Naturally undertaking the above services will attract extra fees, however we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your budget with you and hopefully reach an agreement which suits both parties. Should there be any further tasks you would like undertaken that we perhaps have not covered in this blog then of course we would be more than happy to help.

Entrusting a person with looking after your valuable, and loved, property is no easy decision to make. It requires a level of trust that we feel really should be earned, but occasionally it’s just necessary to take the plunge. We would, however, always recommend that an in depth telephone conversation should be the basic that should take place, but hopefully should you be visiting a “face to face” meeting would be much more preferable. Remember it is very important that we get to know you as it is you getting to know us.

So, if you’re thinking of letting your property, or possibly considering a fresh management approach, then please do not hesitate to drop us an email or give us a quick call in regards to our Property Management Services. All our details can be found on our website at

We guarantee we will look after it as we would our own.